Rebuilding Future

Solving ProblemS
By Believing in People

Sans Decorum is dedicated to solving the toughest problems countries face today. We’re building entrepreneurial success stories with local people.

Explore Jobs

Find jobs in your region.

We’re always looking for talented people to make a better world. If you don’t find a job in your region, please send us an email with your CV nonetheless at

We’re developing local businesses with local people to help economies grow and retain their best talents. We’re helping establish technologies and tools to help entrepreneurs rebuild their countries.

Unlocking Opportunities

We’re specialized in investing in distressed economies where we unlock opportunities otherwise unattainable to local people

Creating Jobs

We’re working with local entrepreneurs and local talent to create job opportunities in high-margin sectors such as IT and MedTech

Rebuilding Local Economies

We’re a long-term player, focused on rebuilding not only the entrepreneurial and startup landscape, but consequently the local economy

Bostjan Troha-Karo, founder of Sans Decorum, worked in international companies with interdisciplinary teams and on global products. He founded and lead several successful VC-funded startups in video games, the military industry, med-tech, and HORECA entertainment. Two businesses were acquired in successful exits. He served as CEO, COO, CCO, and EVP in several businesses, spanning various industries, including med-tech, military, video games, gaming, mobility, marketing, hospitality, real-estate, and prop-tech.


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